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Over the years we have built a large, dedicated network of highly-regarded therapists to deliver across public and private sector healthcare.

Since Tripod Allied Health established in 2014, we have built a large, dedicated network of highly-regarded Allied Healthcare Professionals to deliver across public and private sectors.

Tripod Partners are the leading UK agency for qualified social care and hold awarded places on both the Workforce Alliance (formerly CCS&CPP) &vHTE Temporary Workforce Solutions II NHS Frameworks for the supply of Professionals across the UK.

We understand your need for experienced healthcare professionals that can hit the ground running. Our pool of talented professionals is constantly increasing, allowing you quick and efficient access to the most suitable candidates.

We have highly experienced consultants, covering 9 key categories:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Diagnostic Radiographers
  • Therapeutic Radiographers
  • Sonographers
  • Pharmacists
  • Cardiac Physiologists
  • Echocardiographers
  • Therapy Assistants (Band 3 & 4)


Tripod have a platinum award compliance from Neuven. We invest heavily in making sure our candidates are fully compliant in line with the NHS employment standards and framework requirements.

Market Knowledge

Our consultants are some of the most experienced and skilled agents in the country, comprising over 50 years of combined experience within the Allied Health sector. As a specialist provider of Allied Health Professionals, our division holds a clear understanding of the demands and needs of the sector and are committed to only providing the best and most appropriate candidates for your positions. We take care of all of the administration for you. All you need to do is shortlist, interview and select your ideal candidate.

Locum Loyalty

Working with Tripod Partners provides access to hundreds of locums that work exclusively with us. We pride ourselves on our locum loyalty, providing support to our temporary workforce at all stages throughout their time with Tripod Partners, ensuring continuity and commitment within our supply. Being a specialist AHP division, many of our locums have enjoyed the benefits of working with us across multiple assignments since Tripod’s beginnings in 2014, establishing loyalty with our organisation seldom seen across the sector. Over 4,000 Allied Health Professionals hold registration with Tripod Partners and with our outstanding reputation of commitment, trust and transparency, this talent pool is ever increasing with quality locum referrals.

Quality of service

We are passionate about delivering a fresh and innovative approach to healthcare recruitment. Building and developing honest and excellent relationships with both candidates and clients is at the centre of our philosophy. We invest fully, both in candidates and clients, to better understand the needs and requirements of the services as well as the locums’ specific skillsets and working preferences. This has seen our supply grow exponentially. Our clients trust our expertise, knowing that we will only provide the best and most suitable solutions for their vacancies; likewise, our candidates know that they will always be kept aware of all relevant opportunities for them.

Client testimonials

Occupational Therapy Manager

“Tripod Partners are the only agency who have been more than able to successfully meet my professional needs over the past 7 years with their extensive knowledge and experience of matching my varied range of skills and knowledge with recruiting managers. I currently use another five agencies and Tripod are head and shoulders above these. They are very personable and take their role very seriously, ensure that the assignment is about the person involved and can virtually guarantee a successful experience for the locum and the recruiting manager because of their capabilities.

This has also worked where I have had to take on the recruiting manager’s role and they have always located excellent staff members for particular posts. It is all down to their excellent listening skills, patience, flexibility and availability. Tripod has an extensive bank of experienced professionals to link roles to ones on offer. I would recommend this agency to meet an organisation’s solution as they attract excellent health professionals, such as OTs.”

Physiotherapy Manager

“Tripod Partners are very experienced in recruiting for Physiotherapists. Some agencies who are not experienced are unable to provide candidates with the skills and experience required. As a manager it is essential that time spent recruiting is productive. Tripod Partners always react responsively and quickly providing high quality and appropriate candidates. They are always friendly, helpful and professional. Locums recruited through and with the support of Tripod, in my experience, have been of a high calibre and have quickly settled in and performed at excellent levels.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to support recruitment. I would be most concerned at losing this expertise from the recruitment market and the subsequent impact it could have when recruiting.”

Speech and Language Therapy Manager

“I have broad experience of agencies both as a locum and as a recruiting manager. I choose Tripod as they are amongst the most professional of the agencies. They offer a personalised service and are always responsive.”

Lead in Echocardiography

“I recently went to all framework agencies as I was in urgent need of an Echocardiographer to help with our outpatient list. The consultant that I work with at Tripod had sent me suitable locums before any other agency had even taken the time to reply to me. In my years as a hiring manager this has been the smoothest hiring process I have ever had. I would highly recommend them and plan to continue using them in the future.”

Radiology Services Manager

“One of my first port of call whenever I need locum is Tripod Partners. The team are helpful, flexible and sympathetic to the needs of the department and are honest about the capabilities of who they provide, so there are never any surprises! So impressed am I by their radiographers, I have gone on to recruit several of them to my own staff!”

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Consultant contacts

Joe Hines - Principal Consultant I Recruiter for Diagnostic Imaging, Cardio, Ultrasound, Radiography & Pharmacy

Lia Wallace – Principal Consultant | Recruiter for Physio, OT & SaLT

Mel Sanson - Partner & Head of AHP Division I Recruiter for OT, Physio and SaLT

Penny Wilson - Principal Consultant I Recruiter for OT, Physio and SaLT

Ross Welton - Principal Consultant I Recruiter for OT, Physio, Sal T, Dietitian & Rehab Officer

Sarah Adie - Partner and Deputy Head of Division I Recruiter for OT, Physio and SaLT

Seb Dunbar - Principal Consultant I Recruiter for OT, Physio, Sal T, Dietitian & Rehab Officer

Sophie Copper - Principal Consultant I Recruiter for OT, Physio SaLT & Rads

Our divisions

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