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Our knowledge and experience allows us to focus on delivering the needs of both clients and candidates to create a harmonious working relationship, wherever you are in the world.

We know that sourcing experienced professionals can be difficult, particularly when recruiting in large numbers. Our dedication to providing a quality service allows us to excel in this area. We focus our campaigns on engaging candidates most skilled for the role and suited to the organisation and its culture.

Tripod international’s reputation as a trusted and professional recruitment partner is known around the world. We engage and place the most suited candidates in mid-level to senior roles within the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and other territories by building successful campaigns that meet the needs of both clients and candidates.

Our divisions

Client journey

We work with you to not only attract candidates but support you through every step of the recruitment process, from interviewing, selection, compliance checks and advice on visa applications, to ongoing aftercare for both candidates and clients. In the long-term working with us reduces your overall agency expenditure, which means you can allocate your vital funds towards your services.

United Kingdom

Finding experienced nurses and social workers can be challenging and in the UK, there is an acute skills shortage that is impacting on children's and adults' services. To increase the number of permanent social workers delivering excellent services in your organisation we work with you to engage skilled candidates from the UK and all over the world.

We have access to all the major jobs boards in South Africa, and Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada and across Europe giving you the best possible chance to finding candidates that suit the position and the organisation.


Job to advert

We agree the content of the job advert with you and will use the organisation’s logo if required, to generate greater exposure.


All candidates will be screened to ensure they have a minimum of two years' post qualification experience and have a proficient level of English.

Long listing

The CVs of suitable candidates will be sent to you, after which you can opt for a long listing exercise where candidates undertake a short online case study.

Shortlisting to interview

The case study exercise allows clients to shortlist the most suitable candidates and invite them to interview. If the interview is to be conducted using video conferencing, we can arrange this at your location, a different venue or the tripod international offices, using up-to-date equipment to ensure interview quality.

Placement and after care

With 24 hour on-call support, we are here to make sure your candidate arrives and settles in without a hitch. We collate all the necessary candidate documents, including compliance and personnel files. For candidates coming from outside the UK we advise on visa requirements, registration of professional bodies and legislative information before their arrival in the UK.

You won’t need this, but...

if a candidate leaves within 13 weeks, we will refund you 100% of our fees. Between 13-16 weeks it is 50%, 16-20 weeks 25% and 20-26 weeks 10%.

We are here to help

Find out how we can help you find the best candidates or social work and nursing roles by contacting a member of our knowledgeable tripod international team today.

Call 020 3096 5000

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